Black Women Candidates

Searchable list of 615 black women candidates running for office in 2018 in the U.S.

Ebony Capshaw

Democrat Running for Anderson County Trustee in Tennessee
Local Seat, Challenger
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Donine Marie Carrington

Nonpartisan Running for Circuit Court Judge in Maryland
Local Seat, Incumbent
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Doreen Carter

Running for State Representative HD92 in Georgia
State Seat, Incumbent, 92nd District
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Jill P. Carter

Running for State Senate in Maryland
State Seat, Challenger, 41st District
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Irma Cauley

Running for County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Brazos County, Texas in Texas
Local Seat, Incumbent, 4th District
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Tina Certain

Democrat Running for School Board in Alachua County in Florida
Local Seat, Challenger, 1st District
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Joi Chevalier

Running for Comptroller of Public Accounts in Texas
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Rita Church

Running for House of Delegates, District 45 in Maryland
Federal Seat, Challenger, 45th District
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Jasmine Clark

Democrat Running for State House of Representatives in Georgia
State Seat, Challenger, 108th District
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Yvette Clarke

Running for U.S. Representative in New York
Federal Seat, Incumbent
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Mary Ann Roebuck Claytor

Running for State Senate, District 17 in West Virginia
State Seat, Challenger, 17th District
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Laura Clemons

Running for District Judge Place 3 in Alabama
Local Seat, Challenger, 3rd District
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Gilda Cobb-Hunter

Running for District 66 Statehouse Representative in South Carolina
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 66th District
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China Cochran

Running for Sate Representative, District 3 in Michigan
State Seat, Challenger, 3rd District
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Rachel Cogsville

Running for Trenton Council At Large in New Jersey
Local Seat, Challenger
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Malia Cohen

Democrat Running for State Board of Equalization in California
State Seat, Challenger, 2nd District
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Myrtle Cole

Running for San Diego City Council District 4 in California
Local Seat, Incumbent, 4th District
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Sheryl Cole

Running for State Representative in Texas
State Seat, Incumbent
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Bonnie Watson Coleman

Running for U.S. Representative, District 12 in New Jersey
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 12th District
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Linda Coleman

Running for House District 2 in North Carolina
Federal Seat, Challenger, 2nd District
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Merika Coleman

Running for House Dist 57 in Alabama
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 57th District
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Suzanna Coleman

Democrat Running for State Representative in Alabama
State Seat, Challenger, 15th District
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Democrat Running for State Representative in Texas
State Seat, Incumbent, 95th District
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Alison Collins

Running for San Francisco Board of Education in California
Local Seat, Challenger, 12th District
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Angela Conley

Running for Hennepin County Commissioner in Minnesota
Local Seat, Challenger
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