Black Women Candidates

Searchable list of 603 black women candidates running for office in 2018 in the U.S.

97 for federal seats, 215 for state seats, 267 for local seats and 24 not specified
243 in blue states and 360 in red states
211 incumbents and 392 challengers

Sandra Little Brown

Running for Jefferson County Commission in Alabama
Local Seat, Incumbent, 2nd District

Tamara Davis Brown

Running for Prince Georges County Council District 9 in Maryland
Local Seat, Challenger, 9th District
Website tamaradbrown

Ramona Brumfield

Running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 in Texas
Local Seat, Challenger, 3rd District

Cherie Buckner-Webb

Running for Idaho State Senate D-19 in Idaho
State Seat, Incumbent, 19th District
Website Donate bucknerwebb

Kim du Buclet

Running for Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner in Illinois
Website Donate kim4water

Felicia N. Bullock

Democrat Running for State Representative in Illinois
State Seat, Challenger, 5th District
Website Donate

Robin Burgess

Nonpartisan Running for Brazoria County Court at Law in Texas
Local Seat, Incumbent, 4th District
Donate burgess4judge

Autumn Burke

Running for Assembly in California
State Seat, Incumbent, 62nd District
Website Donate autumnrburke

Tonya T. Burke

Running for City Council in California
Local Seat, Incumbent

Beverly Chester Burton

Democrat Running for Mayor - City of Shively in Kentucky
Local Seat, Challenger

Cori Bush

Running for U.S. Representative, District 1 in Missouri
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 1st District
Website coribush

Dionne Bussey-Reeder

Running for City Council Member At Large in Washington DC
Local Seat, Challenger
Website Donate dtreeder

Dr. Markisha Butler

Democrat Running for Glynn County School Board At Large-Post 1 in Georgia
Local Seat, Challenger
Website Donate

Dottery Butler-Washington

Nonpartisan Running for Board of Education in Maryland
Local Seat, Challenger
Website Donate dbwashing

Janelle Bynum

Running for State House Representative in Oregon
State Seat, Incumbent, 51st District
Website Donate

Christine Byrd

Democrat Running for Senate in Oklahoma
State Seat, Challenger, 48th District

Christa Caceres

Running for State Representative in Pennsylvania
State Seat, Challenger
Website Donate christaforpa189

Tawana Cadien

Running for U.S. Representative, District 10 in Texas
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 10th District
Website cadien4congress

Park Cannon

Running for State Representative, District 58 in Georgia
State Seat, Incumbent, 58th District
Website Donate cannonfor58

Latoya Cantrell

Running for Mayor of New Orleans in Louisiana
Local Seat, Incumbent
Website Donate latoyafornola

Ebony Capshaw

Democrat Running for Anderson County Trustee in Tennessee
Local Seat, Challenger
Website Donate capshaw4trustee

Donine Marie Carrington

Nonpartisan Running for Circuit Court Judge in Maryland
Local Seat, Incumbent
Website Donate judgecarrington

Doreen Carter

Running for State Representative HD92 in Georgia
State Seat, Incumbent, 92nd District

Jill P. Carter

Running for State Senate in Maryland
State Seat, Challenger, 41st District
Website Donate jillpcarter

Irma Cauley

Running for County Commissioner, Precinct 4, Brazos County, Texas in Texas
Local Seat, Incumbent, 4th District
Website cauleyforcommissioner
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