Black Women Candidates

Searchable list of 603 black women candidates running for office in 2018 in the U.S.

97 for federal seats, 215 for state seats, 267 for local seats and 24 not specified
243 in blue states and 360 in red states
211 incumbents and 392 challengers

Santina Marcello Fryer

Democrat Running for City Council in Georgia
Local Seat, Challenger, 1st District

Marcia L. Fudge

Running for U.S. Representative, District 11 in Ohio
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 11th District
Website repmarciafudge


Republican Running for Congress in Florida
Federal Seat, Challenger, 5th District
Website Donate florida_cd5

Colonel (Ret) Denise Gaines-Edmond

Democrat Running for State Representative in Georgia
State Seat, Challenger, 109th District
Website Donate colonelge

Cheri Gardner

Running for Jefferson County Court Clerk in Alabama
Local Seat, Challenger

Robin Gause

Running for State House of Representatives in South Carolina
State Seat, Challenger, 106th District
Website Donate robingause106

Treva Gear

Running for State House of Representatives in Georgia
State Seat, Challenger, 175th District
Website Donate

Erika Geiss

Running for Michigan State Senate in Michigan
State Seat, Challenger
Website Donate emsgeiss

Carmen Gentry

Democrat Running for Montgomery County Commissioner in Tennessee
Local Seat, Challenger, 16th District
Website gentry4dstrct16/

Katherlyn Geter

Running for Hamilton County Commissioner in Tennessee
Local Seat, Incumbent, 5th District
Website kgeter4change

Makeba Gibbs

Nonpartisan Running for Judge of the Circuit Court for Charles County in Maryland
State Seat, Challenger, 7th District
Website Donate

Rosa Gill

Running for State Representative in North Carolina
State Seat, Incumbent, 33rd District
Website rep_rosa_gill

Brenda Gilmore

Running for State Senate District 19 in Tennessee
State Seat, Incumbent, 19th District
Website repgilmore

Temiika D. Gipson

Running for Circuit Court Clerk in Tennessee
Local Seat, Challenger

Barbara Girtman

Running for Volusia County Council District 1 in Florida
Local Seat, Challenger, 1st District
Website Donate

Juandalynn Givan

Running for House Dist 60 in Alabama
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 60th District

Amber Givens-Davis

Running for State District Judge, 282nd Judicial District Court in Texas
State Seat, Incumbent, 282nd District
Website Donate judgeamber

Cheryl D. Glenn

Running for House of Delegates, District 45 in Maryland
Federal Seat, Incumbent, 45th District
Website Donate cheryldglenn

Urcille Goddard

Running for House of Delegates, District 43 in Maryland
Federal Seat, Challenger, 43rd District
Website Donate electgoddard

Jehan Gordon-Booth

Running for State Representative 92nd District in Illinois
State Seat, Incumbent, 92nd District

Angela Graves-Harrington

Running for Harris County 246th Judicial District Court Judge in Texas
Local Seat, Incumbent, 246th District
Website Donate voteangela246

Denise Gray

Democrat Running for State Senate in Kentucky
State Seat, Challenger, 28th District
Website Donate denisegrayforky

Ieshia Gray

Running for Cook County Circuit Court Judge in Illinois
Local Seat, Challenger
Website Donate

Kaesha Gray

Running for Florida State Senate District 12 in Florida
State Seat, Challenger, 12th District

Elvi Gray-Jackson

Running for State Senate in Alaska
State Seat, Challenger, 1st District
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